Bush to Kill Thousands With Veto

From the Associated Press: Senate Stem Cell Bill to Prompt Bush Veto
Debating science, ethics, morality and humanity, the Senate prepared Tuesday to send a bill expanding federal funding of embryonic stem cell research to an unreceptive President Bush.

Despite a White House statement reaffirming Bush's veto threat, supporters said the pressure of public opinion eventually will push the government toward funding. They argue that research into stem cell treatments holds the promise of cures for a host of debilitating diseases afflicting millions of people.
One veto.

Bush has not yet vetoed even one bill in his whole time as the unelected President. This will be his first. And he's using that first veto to essentially kill thousands who could benefit from this research. All to pander to the so-called "pro-life" lobby.

So what's so goddamn pro-life about destroying the possibly of cures for horrible diseases? Nothing, that's what - pro-life is the most incorrect label possible for these people. They're pro-suffering, pro-death, pro-hate, pro-disease.

And even worse, since they know the public supports the research, the Greedy Old Prats and resorting to their favorite way of spinning things - making shit up:
"I've got — one, two, three more articles. These are just a summation, peer-reviewed articles. They form tumors. That's the problem with embryonic stem cells. So while the senator from California, the senator from Michigan, from Iowa, from Pennsylvania, other places saying we want cures, I want cures.

"The research is saying, embryonic stem cells form tu tumors. You put them into individuals, they form tumors. And while we may, we hope, at some point in time something positive happens, the problem is they form tumors."
Sen. Sam Brownback, everyone. He's saying that stem cells cause tumors. Where's the proof, Sammy? Well, I'll tell you where - it's where he pulled that so-called fact from: UP HIS ASS.

"The greater the lie, the greater the chance it will be believed." I'm not gonna come out and say who said that, but let's just say it's someone that the extreme elements of the Right idolize, and that Bush's ancestors had some relations with.

God damn, this makes me wanna throw up.