Washington Supreme court's Unelected Black-Robed Activist Judges Rule Against Equal Rights

From Morons.org: WA Supreme Court Justifies Anti-Gay Law with Tortured Reasoning
Black-robe-wearing judicial activists on the Washington Supreme Court have upheld an anti-gay ban on same-sex marriage in that state, employing some of the same tortured reasoning we saw in the recent case in New York and in other cases where the court has deferred to the legislature rather than have the courage to confront the real civil rights issue.
You might want to go read the whole thing; Nick makes good points.

I'm not surprised by this - despite the right's hatred of the courts and screeding about "judicial activists" and "unelected black-robed activist judges" whenever courts decide to rule in favor of people's rights, many courts still rule against the public interest and in favor of far-right hatred.

One wonders how these kind of courts would have framed other decisions on civil rights, like segregation.