Middle East blowing up all over

I've been seeing the news today about the trading of blows between Hezbollah and Israel. Part of me couldn't possibly care less, since this has been going on for years and will eventually result in the two parties wiping each other out. Most of me, though, is wondering how this is going to play out.

I can tell you one thing: the right-wing blowhards and Christofascist end-timers will be rooting Israel on, hoping to "wipe dem ebil brown folks out and get JAAAAYYYYZUS to come back so alls them evil non-Christians will burn in HAYL!" (Oddly enough, that would include the Jewish people of the world. Whom, by the way, the right-wingers hate because they're not Christian and are usually pretty level-headed. Go fig.)

Ultimately, I would hope that one of these days, they'll stop all this bullshit and at least TRY to get along. Not Hezbollah, at any rate - they ain't nice folks. I'm talking about the entire Muslim and Jewish peoples.