Enron Chief Thief Lay Dead

From CNN.com: Enron founder Ken Lay dies
Kenneth Lay, who rose from a poor preacher's son to become a millionaire before being convicted of corporate fraud, died early Wednesday in Aspen, Colo., a family spokeswoman said.

Lay, 64, was awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of conspiracy and fraud in the Enron trial in May.

In a statement, spokeswoman Kelly Kimberly said, "The Lays have a very large family with whom they need to communicate, and out of respect for the family we will release further details at a later time."

Lay "suffered a massive coronary and died," according to his pastor, Dr. Steve Wende of Houston's First United Methodist Church. "Apparently, his heart simply gave out."
What heart? This guy was one of Dubya's closest friends and a massive thief who screwed his employees over by torpedoing his company after getting as much as he and his rich-boy buddies could out of it.

Well, I guess it was either this, or he spend no time in jail and be pardoned by his good friend, President Bunnypants, when Bunnypants was on his way out of office. This way, it seems a little like justice.