Crazy satirical wingnut blogger: "Survival is treason"... and actual 'nuts are falling for it.

From Jon Swift's weblog: Kidnapped Fox Newsmen Let Us Down By Not Dying
One of the reasons Fox News is the only news that can be trusted is because of the high caliber of the people who work there. Unfortunately, the two Fox journalists who were recently kidnapped, Steven Centanni and Olaf Wiig, did not live up to the high standards of Fox News while they were in captivity. Many in the conservative blogosphere believe that by surviving their captivity, they let us down.
Yes, this is satire.

Yes, this is what some wingnuts actually believe - that the fact that the two captured Faux News cameramen weren't tortured and killed proves not that the people doing these kind of things aren't all as brutal and evil as the wingnuts lead us to believe, but that anyone who comes back alive is obviously a traitor. That's the wingnut mindset - "either prove our hatred to be grounded in fact or we'll say you're a terrorist!". Fucking SAD.

Oh, and read the comments while you're at it - those are some shining examples of wingnut psychosis. They believe this shit! Makes me bloody sick. Makes me sad I share a part of the web with these kind of nutjobs.