Oh, and just so you'll know...

I was right.

Karr is just a whacked-out pedophile who thinks he killed Ramsey. You may heap your praise upon me.

Sad part is, the networks of the Right Wing Spin Machine are still covering this psycho's every move when there's more important things to cover. The Iraq Quagmire is still going on. New Orleans is still in a shambles. The Bush Administration is still lying and conflating. Hell, I'm more concerned about the fact that they caught that cult-leading psycho Warren Jeffs than about Karr.

So what are they covering on the news? Well, yeah, they're covering Jeffs' capture, but mostly it's "Karr didn't do it, but we're still gonna give him infamy!"

And people wonder why I keep talking shit about the media. Could it be because they have their collective head up their collective ass?