The definition of "double standard"

Hugo Chavez refers to Bush as "el Diablo": Entire right wing and much of the left gets up in arms, screaming about how inappropriate the remarks are.

Hate-mongering asshole and suer of well-known wheel-chair bound men Jerry Falwell calls Hillary Clinton the Devil: Nothing.

Of course, Falwell has immediately started calling his comments "tongue-in-cheek" (the usual wingnut response when they say something idiotic - "I was just kidding! Really!"), never mind the fact that he knows that's a filthy-ass lie.

Even worse, ABC (which has shown itself in recent days to be a hardcore Republican shill) did not offer any counterpoint to the hateful words of Falwell and Tony Perkins, a known cohort of the KKK.

Liberal media my fat white ass!

(Completely random sidenote: This is why I love the concept of a weblog - I can make serious points while I'm still in my underwear.)