Still going.

I know I haven't updated much lately. It's mostly because I've been working a lot.

Today is 9/11/06. Five years. Five years since the attacks. Five long, hard years of being told that having our freedoms taken away is patriotic. Five years of being told to shut up and comply. Five years of watching good people die for no good reason. Five years of watching liars lie about the reason we're at war with someone who didn't attack us. Five years of being told that I'm some kind of traitor for speaking my mind. Five years of fear being used as a dead weight to beat us. Five years of being distracted from the mistakes of the bunglers in office by a complicit media.

Five years have passed. I feel no more safe from terrorist attacks. And I feel a lot more fearful of a government that is being given free reign to destroy what once defined our country.

Five years of being fucking miserable because of this shit. I'm tired of it.