The Kids Call It Ownage

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Fighting for freedom to smoke in a bar

I am exceedingly grateful to those at the July 27 City Council meeting who did so much to clear up something that has been troubling me and many others in this country and around the world for some time. Finally, we have the definitive answer to the question of why we are in Iraq. Apparently, we have killed half a million Iraqis, at the cost of thousands of our own children, so that some citizen in Fort Wayne can slouch in a sleazy bar swilling bad beer, chain-smoking Winstons. I assume the president has been alerted. All of his other ridiculous excuses for this fiasco of choice have imploded, and this one certainly seems as good as any.

But seriously, I object to the tragic war in Iraq being so appallingly trivialized. I know my two stepchildren, both of whom have served in Iraq at least once, would be rather depressed to discover that their devotion to this country has been reduced to such a pittance.

Fort Wayne
Oh man, you beter believe I got a lugh out of this one. I was afraid I'd have to be the one to call the whiners out on this, but there it is.

Thank you, friend, for doing what needed to be done.