Mine Owner Blames Miners' Union for His Failures

From Crooks and Liars: CNN Softballs Bob Murray…What about those documents?
This interview is one of the reasons why America is so uninformed about serious issues in our country. Kyra Phillips is really engaged in the Utah mining disaster and has a genuine passion about the story, but instead of asking the real questions to Murray about the dangerous mining conditions he promoted after he denied them—she treated him like a folk hero. The Huffington Post has more…
Murray: A rumor was started by the United Mine Workers. It’s false statements they have made. False statements from the beginning. But I’ve watched them for 50 years and they have preyed on the tragedy of miners and their families to put out false information to organize their union.
Murray always has the time to bash the United Mine Workers as much as he can and then he praises CNN for the wonderful job they are doing.

Follow the link to watch video of the so-called interview.

I saw this at work and I nearly punched the TV. That slave-driving scumbag kept acting like he was about to cry over the people he's essentially murdered. Worse yet, he made it a point to smear the UMW like a good little shill, proving once again the hostility of business owners towards any opportunity for workers to gain leverage.

But the most stunning part of all is that it isn't some nasty rumor started by those awful non-rich working-class people that's hounding him... it's the truth.

Robert Murray insists that his company did not change the mining plan at Crandall Canyon after purchasing a joint interest in the mine last August.
But documents obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune clearly contradict Murray's assertion, and show that Murray's company sought and received approval from federal regulators to make a significant, and, experts say, risky change to the mining strategy.
Records of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) show that, after Murray acquired a 50 percent ownership in the mine on Aug. 9, 2006, his company repeatedly petitioned the agency to allow coal to be extracted from the north and south barriers - thick walls of coal that run on both sides of the main tunnels and help hold up the mine.

The Conservative News Network, of course, wouldn't dare ask a real question of someone like Murray. After all, he's a business owner, and thus his decisions are perfect, no matter who's hurt, no matter who dies, no matter how much suffering is caused.