A Further Study of Ron Paul's Insanity

As much as I've been trying to articulate the dangers of voting for Ron Paul, I've been simply unable to do so well.

Now I don't have to: Dave Neiwert of Orcinus sums up everything I've been meaning to say in yet another of his well-written posts.

A highlight, to hopefully get you to read it if you haven't already (and to read it again if you have):
The skins' reasons for opposing the war are, in fact, wholly different from those of the much larger antiwar left, who are opposed largely on humanitarian grounds; the far right, however, opposes the war because it's perceived to be fought on behalf of Israel and the Jews -- which is why, when you hear them talk about "neocons", you know that they are in fact using it as a code word for "Jew." So the association, such as it is (it seems largely to occur at Paul events) is purely coincidental, accidental, a nonsequitur, and largely irrelevant (though it hopefully gives antiwar liberals pause about the way they talk about Israeli influence in the matter).

However, the fact that they do so in the name of supporting Ron Paul is neither merely accidental nor irrelevant. After all, Paul himself is inclined to rail against "the Israel lobby" and "the neocons". But that's only scratching the surface of his appeal to this sector. Unlike the antiwar left, there's more than an abundance of common ground between Ron Paul and the far right.
Hat tip to Amanda at Pandagon for pointing me to this.