Clinton shows a glimmer of hope.

"Clinton Expects Superdelegates to Decide Next Week."

She's still touting the "COME ON SUPERDELEGATES! LET ME WIN!" mentality, but at least she's realized that yes, it is coming to an end, at this point, I'd say it almost seems she's simply trying to look like a fighter, and knows that her shot at the nomination is gone.

This is good, once this is finally resolved, and it's been accepted, as it sounds like she'll finally DO come next week when the superdelegates start weighing in, in big ways - we can finally get behind a single candidate (some of have been for a while now...) and start getting things together for November. Barack's numbers against McCain are looking better every day, and things are starting to fall in line as they should.

Mrs. Clinton, I'd thank you for your role in this nomination, but you gave up that honor when you started in with your kitchen sink style campaigning. So instead, I'll simply thank you for finally showing some reason.