The results of Tuesday's Primary, and Hillary's... Comments.

So the Oregon and Kentucky Primary came and went, the result came down about like expected, Hillary taking Kentucky 65% to 30% over Obama, with 3% uncommited.

In Oregon, Obama came away with the V, 59% over Hillary's 41%. Overall big numbers for both candidates. However as each day goes on, it becomes steadily appearant that Obama will be the nominee, as he is now within around 65 delegates of locking this up. Of course, Hillary continues to demand that Michigan and Florida be seated, with the count being as it is now, despite them breaking the rules.

I really can't understand how people in those states are rallying behind her as their 'voice' considering she was fine with the decision not to seat them, until she needed them to have a chance. That's opportunistic at best - and rather telling of her.

Speaking of Hillary, you all have a chance to see one of her newest verbal explosions?

Check it out.

As Sen. Hillary Clinton has raced toward the end of what appears to be a losing bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, she has voiced what her most fervent supports have been saying -- her campaign has been dissed and damaged by people "who are nothing but misogynists."

Now, I am not one to deny that I've seen Sexism leveled at Mrs. Clinton and her campaign. I frankly don't think it's been anywhere NEAR as damning as she's insinuating - however I'd give her the point... if she didn't follow up with this gem:

Clinton, the first woman to make a serious bid for a major party's presidential nomination, said she did not think that racism was a factor in her bruising battle with Sen. Barack Obama.

Wait. Wut.

I'm sorry, she's claiming racism hasn't been a factor in this election? WHAT?! I'm at a loss, a noticable LOSS. Perhaps Senator Clinton is simply... unfamiliar?

With things like this?

Of course that means she's a candidate who's willfully ignorant. Once again she shows us another reason she shouldn't be president.

Allow me to explain, Senator Clinton. It has NOTHING to do with your gender, at least for many of us, myself in that number, and EVERYTHING to do with how horribly you've mismanaged your campaign, you're 20 million in debt, you've resorted to Republican style fear attacks, and outright lies and deception.

Please, just stop already.