I'm Prepared

Well, with the California Supreme Court's decision overturning the ban on gay marriages, you can bet your bottom dollar that we're going to be inundated with letters in every newspaper across the country from so-called "moral" people, decrying how evil and wrong it is that gay people might get some of the rights afforded to non-gay people. We'll have to read, again and again, about how "evil" and "sinful" being gay is, and how it's "unnatural", and how they "recruit" young people, and how society is "decaying", all because one state decided illegal, hateful discrimination was a bad idea.
To the people who are going to write these venomous screeds, I ask: Which is more immoral, gay people being able to marry the ones they love, or illegal occupations of foreign countries? Which is more immoral, people being able to access the special rights already given to others, or the wholesale pawning of our rights for a facade of security? More to the point, which is more immoral, people being gay, or people being ostracized, preached to, told they're worthless, discriminated against, hated, beaten, raped, and murdered, all because they're gay?
You want to talk morality? Maybe you should examine yours first!