Face. PALM.

The RNC Wastes More Precious Oxygen With Pointless Bitching

This time, they're calling Obama "unprincipled" because... get this...

Because the MLB has agreed to POSTPONE a WORLD SERIES game for EIGHTEEN MINUTES while he gives his thirty-minute speech. OH MY GOD, THE HORROR! WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WOULD DO THAT?!

(CNN) – The Republican National Committee took aim at Barack Obama Wednesday over the Illinois senator's half-hour ad buy that will delay the start of a World Series game by 18 minutes.

"It’s unfortunate that the World Series’ first pitch is being delayed for Obama’s political pitch," RNC spokesman Alex Conant said. "Not only is Obama putting politics before principle, he’s putting it before our national pastime.”

Major League Baseball has agreed to a request from Fox to delay the start time of Game 6 of the World Series (if a Game 6 is necessary) so the network can air the 30-minute Obama spot, a Fox spokesman confirms to CNN. The Illinois senator has also bought similar time on CBS and NBC, set to begin at 8 p.m.

“FOX will accommodate Senator Obama's desire to communicate with voters in this…format," Fox spokesman Scott Gorgin said. "We are pleased that Major League Baseball has agreed to delay the first pitch of World Series Game 6 for a few minutes in order for FOX to carry his program on October 29."

It's the first time a presidential candidate has bought that length of airtime on network television since Ross Perot purchased several 30 minute blocs in 1992.

"This is a big platform, this is a big megaphone, the interest level is clearly there and people will watch," Evan Tracey of Campaign Media Analysis Group, CNN's consultant on campaign advertising said.

The October 29 game will now start at 8:38 instead of 8:20.

Pay careful attention to that emphasized text up there. READ what this guy is saying. Actually READ it - that he's saying that BASEBALL is more important than the Presidential Election.

Even though it's not.
Even though the MLB ITSELF agreed to the short delay.
Even though, here in Grown-Up World, IMPORTANT MATTERS like elections sometimes have to come before fun and games and frolicking through the fields with bunnies and fawns.

Dear Mr. Conant;

I know that you, along with a handful of other rabid, die-hard baseball fanatics, are antsy about the World Series and seeing who goes where as soon as possible.

But your whining about Obama's speech (when you wouldn't be bitching if it were McCain doing this) and all but saying that baseball is more important than the future of this country... It doesn't make you look bigger or more important or even slightly intelligent. It makes you look like a small-minded, petty, petulant, and ignorant sore loser. This is the kind of behavior I would expect from third-grader BULLIES, NOT a supposedly-competent grown man.

It's a GAME.

Delaying it by LESS THAN TWENTY MINUTES is not going to end the world.

Jesus Christ, man. Grow up and get a grip on REALITY. I know it's unpleasant and sometimes ugly right now, but that's no justification for your ignorant remarks.