From Mark Casey Online: “Free Republic:” Neo-Nazi Assassins Not Manly Enough
I usually try not to link to rabid wingnut sources, but a recently frontpaged “commentary(EDITOR'S WARNING: THE PRECEDING LINK LEADS DIRECTLY TO A HATE SITE) — or whatever you want to call it — at Free Republic was just too nutty not to publicly object to.

It’s basically a short ramble about how the author thinks Nazis are generally gay (and perhaps that gays are generally Nazis?), based on a totally un-gay trip he once took to Knott’s Berry Farm. Here’s my favorite part:

The first thing that came to my mind was– “awwww… a little gay couple, how cute.” But when they got on the ride, before they were shot into the air, they gave Hitler salutes and yelled “White Pride!” There was a black lady behind me, and she was as surprised as I was.

So my point is this– My gaydar is pretty well spot-on, so I’m wondering if white supremecy has less to do with blacks in general, and Obama in particular, and more with gender confusion, rosy cheeks, white tuxedos and hello sailor.

Less to do with blacks, more to do with gender confusion. And speaking of confusion, the fella that wrote this clearly has no experience categorizing and rejecting entire groups of people based on superficial attributes, so I think we should take what he has to say about racism being a non-issue among Neo-Nazis seriously.

The rest of the thread, including comments, makes fun of the two skinheads and their plans to go on a killing spree as not nearly manly enough. Please don’t visit the website.
So, I'm just wondering: Can we have the Freepers classified as traitors yet, or do we have to wait until they do something?