Hack Jumps Ship from CNN for Fox Noise; Nobody Surprised

From HuffPo: Glenn Beck To Host 5PM Show On Fox News
Update: Fox News has announced that Glenn Beck will host the 5PM hour, beginning next spring. Beck signed a multi-year agreement to host a weekday program at 5PM as well as a weekend show on the network.
Well, color me unsurprised. I figured it was only a matter of time before Hack realized he's basically a third-rate Jesus-Boy Hannity clone and went to rejoin the slime he dripped from. Now maybe they can get something intelligent to replace Hack's screefest of a show - like a test pattern.

Get rid of Nancy the Murderess and you've got a nice, solid, four-hour block you can actually do something with. Maybe they could put the same half-hour of news they repeat for most of the day in there, like they used to have. It'd certainly be more informative. OR maybe they could get some real journalism in there. Oh, no, wait, this is a cable news network. They don't have any of that to spare, and Anderson Cooper has his own show.

Good riddance, Glenn Hack. Go back to the Propaganda Channel, and take that fat-headed racist and xenophobe Lou Dobbs with you. He'd fit in well there, too, except for his talk about the middle class.