What Buzzcut teaches us.

Right-wingers are disingenuous little trolls. Creating false strawmen to tear down.


Also, Buzz? The "Quotes" "Around" "My" "Handle" are stupid. It just makes you look even more like a pathetic tool.

My response to his inane dribble:

Wow. How ridiculous, I am a college educated man who works an average of 43 hours a week, I am also just BARELY making a living wage. Which was of course, my argument.

I claimed nothing about certain people not working enough hours. I claimed that there was a number of people working 40 or more hours, and still barely scraping by at best.

And I'll use your own evidence to prove it. 100% hours worked is what we're shooting for, which would fall between second and middle, an average income of the two classes being, about 26,000.

My argument is that 26,000 is just barely scraping by at best. The majority of those families are either, 2 parents one child, or one parent one child by your own charts.


This is my own area. The living wage required for those groups fall between 23,000-26,000. As I said, barely scraping by with a living wage. That is the average, meaning there are going to be a number of those that fall bellow it. My argument is not only sound, but provable and now, proven.

Your argument is at least somewhat statistically accurate. However, you misrepresented my argument, and myself completely, to make it. I'd demand a retraction, but I'm certain you're too much of a coward, and insecure in your own beliefs, to ever accept someone who wasn't yourself being right. So I expect nothing of you, which is fitting, as it is what I think of you as well.