Abysmal Stupidity Results In Deadly Explosion

From: A nameless idiot on a site called Wajas

"McCain isn't much better. But he's certainly a break from either side from the past, the corrupt Bushies in power now, and the Big-Government left trying to muscle their way up to the trough."

I think it's funny that people accuse Obama of being "big government," and then turn around and claim that McCain is any better, or any different than the administration we're currently under (when McCain voted WITH Bush 90% of the time. Some "maverick.") It shows that they're uneducated on the matters, and just buying into the propaganda being fed to them by Fox News and the far right.

Newsflash: Some government control is NECESSARY for things to function as they should. Deregulation is BAD. Massive tax cuts for big corporations (especially those that ship our jobs overseas) are BAD. Not having a solid, sensible economic plan IS BAD.

Would Obama's policies "fix" everything? No. At this point, only the world's biggest miracle could do that (thanks to eight years of cronyism, deregulation, "trickle-down economics," and Bush Administration policies that favor Big Business and the super-wealthy top 5% over middle- and lower-class consumers.) But they would do far, far less harm than McCain's shoddy proposals, which read like four more years of Bush, Jr. Plus, his tax plan is more sensible and sustainable, giving MORE back to 95% of all Americans, as opposed to catering solely to the super-wealthy in the mistaken belief that THEIR prosperity will "trickle down" to make the rest of us wealthier.

Not to mention "conservatives" like McCain want to EXPAND government to intrude upon Americans' personal lives - phone tapping, domestic spy programs, intrusion into your bedroom and personal relationships through "legislated morality" and Constitutional amendments set up to DENY personal freedoms, etc. How is THAT not "big government"?

Also, Obama's running mate isn't a power-mad, borderline psychotic religious zealot/country bumpkin who hobnobs with violent secessionists (who, in turn, associate with Chechen separatists) while claiming to be "country first!", as well as has ties to militant Christian hate groups (see Joel's Army) whose ultimate goal is to engage in worldwide mass murder of everyone who doesn't side with them. Also, Biden's idea of foreign policy experience is NOT "I can see Russia from my house!"

Yeah. I think I'll take Obama/Biden's sensibility and SANITY over what's being served up by the Republican party this go-round.