Of Change.

It's time, once again, for the podium!

So Obama's been slowly unveiling his cabinet, and what we've found so far is a good number of folks from the Clinton days (including one Clinton herself), some more 'centrist' choices, and as we found out today, Bob Gates, current Secretary of Defense staying on at least temporarily.

What has been the response? Whining. Bitching and whining. A LITTLE from the Democratic side, mostly the much more hard left side, from what I've seen, and a lot from the Neocons and those that just plain hate Obama. Why? Because they don't have anything left to complain about.

Yes, the latest volley is the declaration that Obama's choices show that the "Change" mantra is hooey. "This isn't change!" "I want my change!" "I knew he was lying!" seem to be the rallying cry of the stupid right now. Obama has made VERY wise choices right now, from what I can see, do I like all of them? Not really, but I do understand all of them. He's finding the best people for each position. In the times we're in, that's the best thing an incoming President can do.

I swear, it seems as if some people expected "Change" to mean that he was bringing in college students. What I always took it to mean, was taking what wasn't working, and making it work. You do that by using the best people. Seriously, what next? Complain because he's still married to Michelle? "That's not change we can believe in!"