Mike Pence and Jack Thompson: Idiots of a Feather

From Reverent and Free: More Pence Nonsense
Congressman Mike Pence is obsessed with the latest boogieman concocted in the bowels of the conservative movement, the reinstatement of "The Fairness Doctrine." Thursday, Pence's blog linked to an article by Jack Thompson, warning of the doctrine's reinforcement.
Well, besides the inherent hypocricy of a known advocate of censorship whining about how the Fairness Doctrine would supposedly limit free speech (by the way, genius, there's an inherent flaw in your logic there, but I'll save that for next post), which Craig points out anyway, I have to wonder: Is it wise to get your opinions from a guy who, among other things, threatens people with legal action if they e-mail him and have any disagreement with his opinions, threatens people who donate to charity when he welches on an offer, walks out on his own disbarment proceedings in clear contempt of the court, submits gay porn as evidence that there's a conspiracy against him and thus makes it possible for anyone to see it while simultaneously claiming that the people he was submitting it with regards to are the ones making it available, and has a laundry list of other misuses and abuses of the legal system on his record? Is that really smart, Rep. Pence, to associate yourself with that level of reprehensible filth?

Oh, wait, you're a GOPper trying to keep other people's opinions out of the public square. It's natural for you.