The future of the Republican party.

Hello again all, it's time for another edition of: The Podium

So the election has come and gone, and Obama won with 364 electoral votes, and 53% of the popular vote, a win over his opponent of 7%.

A sound drubbing against the Republican machine, and now we watch as the Republicans turn on themselves. I've seen numerous hard-line conservatives saying that they lost because they weren't conservative enough, that they must ostracize and cast off the moderates, the "mavericks".

Other than the ridiculous logic of that, "The country went left, what will we do?" "I KNOW! Let's go farther right!" I have been giving it some thought.

To any conservatives out there, I think you're right. No really, I think the only option is to refine your message, make it more 'pure'. Absolutely. Toss out the intellectual Conservatives, toss out the moderates, the libertarians, the mavericks. Kick them to the curb.

It's for the good of your party, and more importantly our nation. Because you'll never be anything but a regional party again by doing that, and that's good for everyone.

(Edit. I fucked up the percentages.)