Irony, Thy Name is Limbaugh

From Media Matters: Limbaugh Wire: 3/18/2009 Part II
LIMBAUGH: In the meantime, the new McCarthyism in Washington, D.C., this morning during a House Financial Services panel hearing. This is the Chairman Barney Frank.

FRANK [audio clip]: We will also be asking Mr. Liddy to give us the names of the recipients. They have sent us some information under the confidentiality rules. I've spoken to Chairman Kanjorski about this. If Mr. Liddy declines to give us the names, then I will convene the committee to vote a subpoena for the names. So we do intend to use our power to get the names of the people here.

LIMBAUGH: Contractually obligated bonuses -- Barney Frank and the new McCarthyism. He will go the route of a subpoena to get the names of the recipients if the government-installed CEO Ed Liddy does not provide the names. The next question that will be asked once these names have been produced -- and they will be -- then these people will be called up to testify before Chairman Frank's committee.
Uh, Limpdick? Subpoenaing people who are directly flouting basic morals and senses of human decency by saying they don't have to give back money that was not supposed to be theirs has nothing do to with McCarthy's "communist"-routing witchhunts. This isn't a case of "you'll admit you're a traitor and give me names, and by the way you're obviously a commie so your life is now ruined", this is "give the fucking money back NOW and stop covering for your rich-boy buddies who think they're above the law".

Then again, I don't expect him to understand it - to reich-wingers like Rushbo, McCarthy was a demigod, a man of impeccable character whose life-destroying accusations were just and correct, especially since we wanted to not be like Them Godless Reds. I don't think he'sconfused about this, though; I simply believe he's high on the Oxycontin again.

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