Read This Because It's Correct

From Pandagon: Galtin’: The Bow-Out Gang

Whiny objectards and losertarians think that they're John fucking Galt. This comment by MikeEss sets things straight:
If the spirit of John Galt is best embodied by the upper echelon of Wall Street, the clueless leaders of Detroit, the proud men and women who are attempting to outsource every job in America except the very bottom, maids, janitors, and gardeners, or the very top; if those people represent the best of America, then it seems like we really do need to hear the squeak of the tumbrels as they carry the “worthy” to the center of town to be executed.

I know it offends the delicate sensibilities of the overclass to hear such things, especially from the proles, but this shit just can’t go on forever without repercussions.

You treat people like animals and sooner or later those animals are going to show you what being an animal is all about...first hand…

If they want to live in a dog-eat-dog third-world hell hole, where there are only two kinds of people — the ultra-rich and the ultra poor — there are plenty of them around. There’s no reason to make America into another one.

You don’t like it here, get the fuck out.

OTOH, if you are a person who appreciates that the labor of all people is worthy of respect, regardless of what labor entails, then maybe we can work something out.

Maybe the person at the top should only make 20-times the wages of the person on the bottom, instead of 500-times. Maybe you could support Universal Health Care instead of fighting it tooth and nail. Maybe you could begin to understand that taxes are not some arbitrary punishment for being rich, but a cost we all pay for the privilege of living here and enjoying the fruits of American society and infrastructure.

If you can’t handle that “socialism”, then Get. The. Fuck. Out…