On Going Galt

Let me clear this up for you idiots.  You are not John Galt.  You don’t have any creativity.  You won’t be missed if you leave society, and you won’t last outside of it.  Besides, in case you pants-pissing whiners missed it, this isn’t a stupid novel by a reactionary anti-Soviet asshole, it’s real life, and in real life people like you are a minority and the rest of us have already seen through your garbage.

I know you’re convinced, with the fervor of a flagellating zealot, of your perfection, your superiority, and your irreplaceability in society.  But let me break it to you: you’re not unique little snowflakes.  You’re ignorant, cookie-cutter children with overly-common skills.  We can replace you with people who don’t believe destructive, selfish bullshit.  In fact, I propose we do that anyway - if you won’t follow up on your toothless threats on your own, we’ll make you.