O'Reilly: Still an Eliminationist Bastard

From Think Progress: O’Reilly: If Cheney had ‘an assassination squad,’ he would have killed Seymour Hersh ‘a long time ago.’
In an Boston Herald op-ed today, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly mocked Hersh’s claim, saying “If Cheney really had such a crew,” reporters like Hersh would have already been killed:
The other day, left-wing muckraker Seymour Hersh went on MSNBC and said he had information, provided by the usual anonymous sources, that Dick Cheney was running an assassination squad out of the White House.

I have but one simple observation: If Cheney really had such a crew, Hersh would have been dead a long time ago, and so would most everybody at MSNBC.
(emphasis in original)
One of the commenters at TP noted that this is part of O'Reilly's alleged "humor".

You ever notice how wingnut "humor" always has an emphasis on killing people they disagree with and attacking anyone of a less-privileged position?

Anyway, this isn't surprising - O'Bastard isn't even a bit sorry about his hate and the role it's had in eliminationism. He's just going to keep doing this until someone holds him accountable.