So let me see if I've got this straight.

A right-wing, paranoid hypothesist, birther, anti-Federal Reserve, anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi nutjob opens fire in the Holocaust Museum.
A week before, a hate-soaked Operation Rescue member shoots a doctor in the man's own church.
Another paranoid, hate-addled lunatic opens fire on cops because he's been told by the right that Obama will take his guns away.
Another opens fire in a church because he wants to kill liberals.
Multiple assassination plots, including at least one by skinhead Nazis, against the President have been foiled.

And the DHS report saying the right is unhinged and violent is wrong and evil.


How much more will have to happen before we finally wake up to the fact that current conservatism, right-wingerism, Republicanism, is a disease, a disorder, a blight?

I know I'll be criticized for this. I know someone will tell me I'm "just like them". No. I have the facts on my side. If you want to capitulate, if you want to surrender, then be my guest. You can be a traitor if you'd like.

Me? I'm sick of rolling over.