Right-Wing Mailbag, "Hate Is the Only Thing We Have" Edition

Letters | The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Government awards billions to failing banks, blames them for the economy, then takes them over. Government demands change from private companies, and when they fail to live up to expectations, government takes over them, too. As a result, hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs.

The killing of the unborn is redefined as decent, and those who would protect the innocents are labeled as radicals.

Former officials who acted to protect the country are now being hunted down and prosecuted as war criminals while those that sought to destroy the country are awarded rights, safety and civility.

Government authorizes the spending of trillions of dollars that does little to stimulate the economy while the citizenry is told to give back and cut back.

In my company, employees who perform like this would be fired. Our company could not survive with such behavior and results. But I’m not describing my company or yours.

Welcome to America! You get what you voted for.

Mr. Johnson, I'm going to be blunt: Shut the fuck up. Shut your tantrum-throwing whine-hole and sit down. Your desperation is showing.

Your kind has, in the past months, ramped up the violent, hateful rhetoric they spew, and you dare not denounce it for fear that you might not have time to denounce people like me. You show yourself to be an ally to the criminals of the past administration, an ally to the ignorant masses who don't undersdtand the economy, and an ally to the destruction of this country by your own kind.

But most of all, I'd like to remind you that your kind took away a brave man, a man working to protect women from the creeping control your kind wish to impose, only a couple days ago, by driving someone to murder through the endless dehumanization of your "enemies" and the eliminationist garbage you and your ilk spew. Then you throw a tantrum because your kind are rightly seen as "radicals". The truth hurts. You are a criminal, no better than the common rabble you claim people like me to be.

You will shut up, Mr. Johnson, because you have no more right to speak. You have given that up by declaring yourself the enemy of this country, and the enemy of humanity. You will shut up, and you will do it now.