And In the End...

...all the anti-choice, anti-woman right has done, is set us back a single step. They have gained no ground, and have brought themselves TWO steps closer to being identified as the amoral domestic terrorists that they are.

Nebraska physician vows to keep Tiller clinic OPEN.


It's heartbreaking that Dr. Tiller had to lose his life in such a manner, and that his family, friends, and patients had to have such a dedicated and caring man wrenched so brutally from their lives. But his loss was NOT THEIR gain.

Nor has it set back those of us who value a woman's sovereignty, who value her RIGHT to choose when, and how often, she reproduces - or to choose NOT to reproduce at all. It has not set back those of us who view women as MORE than simply walking wombs, ready to churn out the next generation of Bible-thumping cannon fodder. It has not stopped us, and can only slow us down but for a moment. In the grand scheme of things, this... is but a temporary stumble, NOT a total knockout, and no reason to lose hope or give up.

As long as there are people like Dr. Tiller, who value the lives and rights of women, his death will not be in vain. But, for the anti-choice movement, as long as they are represented by, and supportive OF, domestic terrorists like Dr. Tiller's assassin... it will simply lead to a harder backlash against them in the end.

And, oh, what a sweet end that will be.