The anti-choice right has declared war on us.

They speak of elimination of our kind. They call us "evil", "un-American", "immoral", and yet they continue to prech our destruction and incite violence. Their friends in the media look the other way, covering for their crimes by calling their conspirators "lone nuts".

I am tired of it.

If it's war they want, they'll have it.

But we won't go to the streets. We won't kill. No, we'll do the right thing: We'll have them treated as they wanted us treated over these past 8 years. We'll lock them up, try them, convict them, and send them away for their crimes.

They are terrorists. We will not give in, we will not negotiate, we will not be afraid.

This is a one-sided war, one that we will not lose. We may suffer setbacks. We may lose our own to their hate and violence, but we will win.