And as if the last thing weren't enough...

From Crooks and Liars: Kellyanne Conway: Dems "equal" Osama.

This one's a winner, folks - lying shill Scarborough and his lying slanderer guest equate EVERY person who stands up to the Bush Regime to Osama bin Laden!

Scarborough: When you look at what Osama Bin Laden said it sounds an awful lot like what we hear the President's political enemies domestically---not only like what a lot of democratic senators have been saying, but also what one or two movie makers have been saying over the past several years...

Conway: If you held a piece of tissue paper between some of the comments that Bin Laden today and some of the comments that the president's detractor's say-it would be very difficult to stick more than a piece of tissue paper between--there's not much of a difference.

Boy, nothing like rehashing the same points as every other right-wing liar, huh, Joe? And your filthy liar guest needs to be applauded, too, for her ability to regurgitate this talking-points garbage on air. And yet we're the ones constantly accused of having nothing original to say.

Maybe if they were to think for five minutes, they'd realize what the truth of this is - that OBL wants us to throw our resources away on Iraq. He probably find it absolutely hilarious. You know what wouldn't surprise me, either? If maybe, just maybe, the OBL tape was translated by the Bush-Leaguers to try and smear the Democrats. Of course, they'd NEVER do something like that!

When they're trapped, these animals, these filthy beasts we call the Bush-League Right, they lunge out and start attacking everyone who doesn't look, sound, and act just as they do. Isn't it nice to know that comments like this will never be dissected in the conservative-run, conservative-owned, conservative-loving media?

Hillary Clinton says something that might be taken as racist if you completely misconstrue it? Outrage! She's evil! Everyone cover it! This whore says something that's a blatant smear against the entire body of the US that's not brainwashed anymore?

Nothing but silence...