Another Matthews Moment

MSNBC Airs Juvenile Homophobia on Imus in the Morning

Chris "OBL sounds like Michael Moore" Matthews on MSNBC's Imus in the Morning:

IMUS: Look pretty good. I mean, I'm not working toward a "Brokeback Mountain" situation here.


MATTHEWS: Well, the wonderful Michael Savage, who's on 570 in D.C., who shares a station with you at least, he said [laughs] — he calls it — what's he call it? "Bareback Mounting." That's his name for the movie, so... [laughs]

IMUS: Right. Of course, Bernard calls it "Fudge-pack Mountain," but that's [unintelligible]...

All I can say about this is... WHA?! And people consider these people to be news sources? They call them liberal? These are people referring to anti-gay, hate-mongering troglodyte Michael Weiner as "wonderful", and they're not cast out as pariahs? Hell, they sound like a couple of teenagers talking to each other over a first-person shooter. And this kind of juvenilia gets respected by the right?

Liberal media my fat white ass!