Another random thought.

You know, in all this flap about the Abramoff lies, the new OBL tape, and more low blows from the right, something seems to have slipped our minds:

Valerie Plame.

I figured that by this point, Karl "Turdblossom" Rove would be rotting in a jail cell for outing a CIA operative. And yet, nothing. We're being spread so widely among all the right-wing scandals stinking up Washington that we're missing spots. Spots that could be the key to restructuring this whole sick regime.

We need to do exactly what the right has done to try and beat us down for the lest decade or more: we need to keep bringing up the things that they want to ignore. They kept bringing up Whitewater and Lewinsky during Clinton's tenure, now we need to bring up their wrongs:

  • 9/11

  • The PATRIOT Act

  • Osama bin Laden (I wonder what happened to "dead or alive"? It's not just a fighting game series, y'know)

  • Iraq

  • Hiring lobbyists to be Cabinet members

  • Plame

  • Katrina

  • Abramoff

  • Schiavo

  • Spying on us

  • Trying to spy even more on us

  • Lying to us about Iraq

  • Lying to us about policy

  • Lying to us about 9/11

  • Lying to us about just about everything

  • Bush's innumerable other, less-direct lies, distortions, and non-truths

And other issues of importance too numerous for me to mention, since my time left on this computer is slim, I'm sure.