Why must people be so damned stupid?

Why is it I'm spending my days having to deal with endless streams of people whose sole purpose in life seems to be backing ridiculous, untenable, outright STUPID ideas? Why must I throw myself into a situation where I become a voice of reason? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ME?

Oh, right, because that's what I wanted...

...well, I guess that answers that. Anyhow, I'm tired of having people welcome the idea of having our rights used for toilet paper. I'm sick of people backing the lowest, most shiftless, most shameless, most disgusting people possible to run this country. I'm utterly maddened by the fact that my own comrades will roll over and take it in the proverbial ass just because they don't want to be labeled! Get up off the ground, find your goddamn spine, and stand up for yourself and for every other person this democracy of hypocracy has rear-ended these past five years!

Right now, the right of a woman to choose what's done with her body is in jeopardy. Right now, the right of our people to be free from constant government surveillance is in danger. Right now, the right of our troops to be protected from death and brought back to medical treatment without worry of cost is in horrible peril. Right now, there are people gloating that Samuel Alito, the Scalia-wannabe, might become a Supreme Court justice, thus closing the book on checks and balances. Right now, every part of our government is full of nepotism and greed. Right now, we are in big-time trouble.

GET A BACKBONE, GET A VOICE, GET ACTIVE, AND GET OUT THERE AND KICK SOME ASS! The state of our union is a state of emergency. Let's stop rolling over and let's roll over them come this election.