Some "culture of life".

From Accidental Blogger, a good point: "Culture of Life" - only to be interrupted by war and execution

My attempt here is to shed light on the so called "Culture of Life" favored by the Bush administration and its right wing supporters. That culture is anti-abortion, anti physician- assisted suicide for the terminally ill of sound mind, and against withdrawing life support from patients (like Terri Schiavo) who are in persistent vegetative coma. The right wing mantra is that all the above constitute taking of "innocent" lives. If on the other hand, someone qualifies as "guilty" in their eyes, the same "pro-life" folks become conspicuously blood thirsty. The deaths of "innocent" civilians during the conduct of an illegal war of choice, are characterized as "collateral damage", execution of a condemned prisoner is brushed aside as "just retribution", even if that person is mentally retarded or psychologically impaired. Please note that in their zeal for meting out justice, they see no special irony in resuscitating a person from a near fatal condition just so that they can put him to death. The perverseness is mind boggling.

Indeed it is, sir, presuming you are a sir. The far right is that odd group of people that believes that balls of cells and persistently vegetative people are in need of protection, while soldiers and poor people aren't. They're the ones who say that they need to protect the "sanctity of life" and protect innocent people from our enemies, then turn around and kill innocent people in their efforts to rid the world of those same enemies, and call it "collateral damage".

The "culture of life" has nothing to do with life and all to do with control. It's controlling the way into life and the way out, a tactic learned by their masters in the churches.