ATTN: Ignorant trolls

If you make it a point to continually post childish, vulgar responses in the comments, your comments will be deleted on sight.

EDITED TO ADD: All comments are now moderated. If your post is childish shit, it will never see the light of day.

Note that, despite what some people might think, this does not mean that opposing views will not be let through. Rather, opposing viewpoints will be welcomed if they are well-stated.

Example: Andrew Kaduk sometimes comments here, and he is... well, not quite in line with everything I believe. He can remain civil. His comments will be let through.

Counter-example: The troll who's been annoying me today. His comments will be deleted until such time as he grows up.

EDITED AGAIN, 4/20/2006: Troll-boy seems to have moved on. Comment moderation is now off unless he decides to come back and be immature again.

EDITED AGAIN AGAIN, 4/25/2006: This weblog now uses HaloScan comments. Troll-boy will be IP-banned the moment he comes back.