A break from the usual: Dumb bitch wants to ban Harry Potter

From WXIA-TV, Atlanta, GA: Gwinnett Mom: 'Ban Harry Potter'

A Gwinnett County parent is waging a war against Harry Potter. She says the popular book series should be pulled from libraries in the state’s largest school district.

Laura Mallory says the Potter books take kids to dark places.

“The books are indoctrinating children into witchcraft,” Mallory said. “It’s not mere fantasy.”

BAH HA HA HA HA! That's some funny shit right there!

Seriously, where's the proof? Haven't heard anyone but the Christian Right saying that bullshit. Where's the documented proof?

Here's a hint: There is none. Kids (and adults such as yours truly) aren't reading HP because of some desire to learn witchcraft. We read it because it's a damn good series.

Mallory has three children attending J.C. Magill Elementary School in Loganville, and is asking the school board to banish the books.

“I’m asking that they be removed from the school -- elementary school in particular -- because the young children are not as able to discern as older children,” said Mallory.

Now there's one of the biggest myths spread by the ban-heads. I've known children all my life, thanks to having a large family. Kids know what's real and what's not. The ones who don't are the exception rather than the rule.

So far, nothing but LIES from this woman.

Another parent, Amy Pryor, says the Harry Potter series got her daughter excited about reading.

“I just think it’s another way for people to censor a literary form of art,” Pryor said. “People want to say magic is so bad. Magic is just a way of imagination; a different way of somebody expressing themselves. If we continue to allow people to take books off of school library shelves, then we're saying it's okay to take books off the shelves of our public libraries.”

Review panels with the Gwinnett School District have ruled the books should stay in the system’s libraries, but Mallory is meeting with the school district next Thursday to appeal the decision.

Ah, the everything-hating Christians: the triumph of blind faith over facts and experience.

I've been reading the Harry Potter series since last year. So far, I've read all six books four times, and I'm on the edge of my proverbial seat for the conclusion.

And not once have I ever tried to fly on a broomstick, or try to make the Draught of Living Death, or tried to use sectumsempra to cut someone down. Nor have I heard of cases of children trying to do so.

This woman's a liar and a censor-happy bitch, plain and simple.