Illinois House pushing for impeachment.

From the Chicago Sun-Times: Resolution to push Bush impeachment

SPRINGFIELD -- Leave it to the Democratic-controlled state Legislature to find an obscure way to attempt to oust President Bush.

State Rep. Karen Yarbrough (D-Maywood) has sponsored a resolution calling on the General Assembly to submit charges to the U.S. House so its lawmakers could begin impeachment proceedings.

It would be the first state legislature to pass such a resolution, though the measure faces a dim future in a Republican-controlled Congress.

My old state rocks. The Bush-leaguers infesting the Indiana congress would NEVER do anything like this.

I'll admit that for a midwestern state, Illinois balances out to be fairly liberal - there are a few really big cities (like a certain one you might have heard of, it's called Chicago) that are decent strongholds of, well, decency. The more rural areas are, unfortunately, conservative (damn if I know why), so that gives some sense of balance.

Yarbrough is hoping to get the U.S. House's attention through her grass-roots effort. She already has picked up two co-sponsors to her legislation, Democratic state Representatives Eddie Washington (Waukegan) and Sara Feigenholtz (Chicago).

According to the resolution, Bush has "willfully violated his oath of office" by manipulating intelligence to start the war in Iraq, leaking classified national secrets and authorizing illegal spying on American citizens.

"This president has acted like an emperor," Yarbrough said.

And here come the conservatives, chanting "we're at war, we're at war, we're at war, 9/11 9/11 9/11 terror terror terror!" I sincerely hope that this gets some kind of deep thought before the right assassinates it and smears everyone involved.

If you really want to be sickened, read the article. It smacks of right-wing bias. Liberal media my fat white ass.