Sex and candy, minus the candy.

From the Anderson, GA Independent-Mail: Bill would make sale of sex toys illegal in South Carolina
COLUMBIA — Lucy’s Love Shop employee Wanda Gillespie said she was flabbergasted that South Carolina’s Legislature is considering outlawing sex toys.

But banning the sale of sex toys is actually quite common in some Southern states.

The South Carolina bill, proposed by Republican Rep. Ralph Davenport, would make it a felony to sell devices used primarily for sexual stimulation and allow law enforcement to seize sex toys from raided businesses.
And just WHY do they allow laws like this to even be proposed? Surely these people would be flabbergasted if someone came by and started rooting through their private stuff. Surely they don't think that they're doing anything beneficial by destroying people's rights to do what they want in their own damn bedrooms?

My guess? They're "good Christians".