Bush is trying to get us all killed.

I'm not going to do this in the usual format.

All I'll say is what we already know: Bush wants to use nukes against Iran.

And the obvious response: This is, without a doubt, the stupidest, most ignorant, most dangerous idea that you have ever had. The moment you do it, we're persona non grata to the world. They'll mark us as the rogue state, since we've essentially committed a crime against humanity.

You do it, and we will be the target. You do it, and we're all gonna die.

Is your legacy worth all our lives?

And an interesting thought from The Liberal Avenger: What if it's all saber-rattling?

Truth is, if it is, then it's to get Iran to actually get nukes; then Bushiemort can point and say "they got nukes, let's get 'em" and Avada Kedavra their asses with a nuke of our own.

So it all comes down to the same thing, most likely.