Obama Makes His Pick

From the NYT: Field Narrows for Obama’s Running Mate
WASHINGTON — Senator Barack Obama informed two of his top three vice-presidential prospects Friday night that he would not be choosing them, Democratic officials said, encouraging a consensus within the party that he had settled on Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware.

Mr. Obama’s campaign and aides to Mr. Biden declined to comment. But Mr. Obama’s notification to the two other candidates — Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana and Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia — was confirmed by senior associates of both men.

The formal announcement was scheduled to be made in the form of text messages and e-mail messages sent to thousands of Obama supporters early Saturday. Mr. Obama and his running mate are scheduled to appear at an afternoon rally at the Old Statehouse in Springfield, Ill., the same place where Mr. Obama announced his candidacy for president 18 months ago.
So the name for the ticket is now, semi-officially, Obama/Biden. I'm okay with that.

People are saying Biden's a good choice, since he's chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations and people see Obama as inexperienced on foreign policy. Plus, this is the guy who said that the only thing that comes out of Rudy Giuliani's mouth is "a noun and a verb and 9/11". He'd eat anyone else in a VP debate, hopefully.

Once McCain makes his choice, that means I won't have to hear the utterly stupid term "the veepstakes" for another four years at least. And that day, I will be really damned happy.