Breaking: Obama's grandmother passes away.

From CNN: After long battle with cancer, Madelyn Dunham has passed away.
Just over a week after he took a break from the campaign trail to visit his ailing grandmother, Barack Obama's campaign said that 85-year-old Madelyn Dunham had died "peacefully" after a battle with cancer.

Our hearts go out to Senator Obama, and his family.

Countdown to slimey, worthless republicans claiming Obama is responsible in 3, 2, 1...

EDIT by Damian, 11/3/2008 6:25 PM: As much as I hate Little Green Footballs - I usually call the site "Little White Hoods" for a reason - the guy in charge there has preemptively warned commenters that "nasty comments" will result in immediate loss of account.

Now, that doesn't fix the fact that the site itself is nasty, racist, hateful, and paranoid, but he at least has the good sense to try and stop people where he can. To paraphrase him, "It's ridiculous that I even have to say this."

Not everyone on the other site of the aisle is heartless. Most aren't. Everyone's got some class, somewhere. It's just that some won't show it.