Blue Fielder Defends Jindal From Someone Even Worse

From Ta-Nehisi Coates: Ann Coulter Racist Jab At Bobby Jindal
Courtesy of Larison, here's Ann Coulter:
Wasn't Bobby great in "Slumdog Millionaire"?
I understand that many conservatives hate Coulter. I also think that there's nothing particularly conservative about that slur. But sometimes you see this shit, and when partnered with Michael Steele's crack, you have to believe that a significant portion of the GOP enjoys being the Party Of Macacca.
Go on, right-wingers. Spin this one away. Tell us how it's just a joke, and everyone needs to shut up and stop being humorless and thin-skinned. Tell us how us liberals are the real racists. Tell us how it's not an issue, how it's not racism, how it's not racist, soulless slimebag Coulter basically saying "all them dotheads look alike to me".

Do it, and I'll spit in your goddamn face.

I don't like Jindal at all because he's dishonest, a liar, a mendacious bastard, and untruthful, but I like you even less, Coultergeist. Why don't you just admit to being a performance artist out to make the conservatives look bad so I can get my blood pressure down to a reasonable level, hmm?