Updates on Racist Cartoons and Stupid Reactions to Them

So, after yesterday's flap about the stupid, stupid cartoon in the New York Post and the reactions to it, I figured it'd be nice to follow up a bit.

First, even employees of the Post aren't happy about it. One employee said that the phone lines are jammed with people who are angry over the cartoon, "As they fucking should be". In fact, the Associate Editor has actually taken it up with her bosses:
Please know that I had nothing to do with the Sean Delonas cartoon. I neither commissioned or approved it. I saw it in the paper yesterday with the rest of the world. And, I have raised my objections to management.
--Sandra Guzman
I'm willing to take her word on this.

Second, stupid, privileged little punks should shut up about things they don't understand, and should stop trying to change the subject. Yes, Al Sharpton spoke about it; your hatred of him does not make this less of an issue. And so what if you don't think it's racist? Your opinion doesn't matter here, mine does.

Third, tantrum-throwing little racists who change the subject so they won't have to answer honest questions should shut up while the adults talk. If you're so sure of yourselves, address the issue instead of throwing a fit because people see you for what you are, you little fucks.

There, I think that covers it all.