The Illogical Conclusion, Featuring Jesus' General

From Jesus' General:Billion Spermatazon-American March on Washington
Dear Rep. Damschen,

Congratulations on the passage of your bill granting full civil-rights to zygote-Americans. It's a great start, but we both know it is only that, a start. Trillions upon trillions of our spermatazoan-American brothers continue to be murdered every hour in our nation. This tubesock holocaust must end.

Purity pledges aren't the answer. Men need to liberate the spermatazoan-Americans imprisoned within their gonads on a regular basis. Without such a release, A man's system gets backed up, causing him to slip into an O'Reillian state of constant, uncontrolled rage.

A law is needed to ensure that spermatazoan-Americans are cared for after their liberation. The law doesn't need to be burdensome--it should simply require men to liberate their spermatazoan-Americans into a mason jar they keep in a cool place (I use my cellar) until it can be transferred to a federally-funded Christian housing facility (built with stimulus money).
It goes on like this for some time.

I've always appreciated a good satire, and with folks like JC on our side, we've got one of the best. It takes a lot to act directly and not only write something like this, but actually send it to its intended target. And no, Damschen isn't happy about it.

I don't imagine that anyone is ever going to make serious inroads against idiotic, misogynistic legislation with things like this. Only a dreamer would believe that. But if we can get one person, just one, to think about how stupid laws like these are, then we've succeeded.