Burris Blabs With Blago's Bro While Blago Burns

From CNN.com: Calls for Burris resignation intensify as new details emerge
The Washington Post added its voice Wednesday to a growing chorus of demands for the resignation of Sen. Roland Burris two days after he detailed conversations with impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's brother that he failed to mention under oath.

Burris, appointed by a scandal-wracked Blagojevich to fill President Obama's vacant Senate seat, told reporters Monday night in Peoria, Illinois, that he had three conversations with the governor's brother, Robert Blagojevich.

In them, the Democratic senator said he discussed possibly raising money for the governor before ultimately declining to do so.
So, he talked with Blago's bro, then denied it, and now he's admitting to it. And the conversation was about fundraising for Blago. When I said that I didn't trust Burris, that something seemed off, nobody listened. Everyone acted like I was some sort of idiot, like I had a problem. Yeah, we'll start the ass-kissing with you.

Seriously, though, Burris should resign. His placement into the Senate has been under a cloud of suspicion from day one, and that cloud only grows larger and thicker with each passing day. People have resigned over less. It's time to do the honorable thing, Mr. Burris, and step aside.