Man Shoots "Immigrants" in Attempt to Start a "Revolution"

From WJHG-TV Florida: Early Morning Shooting Kills 2 Injures 3 in Miramar Beach
The man suspected of an early morning shooting rampage in south Walton County is sitting in jail tonight, refusing to talk to investigators.

That rampage left two people dead and three others critically wounded.
Neighbor Crystal Lynn says "he did come up to me one time and asked me if I was ready for the revolution to begin and if I had any immigrant in my house to get them out."

The victims were foreign nationals who appear to have been working in the U.S. legally.

Investigators say, at the time of the shooting, there were at least 14 other people in the one unit with the victims...all of Hispanic descent.
And where do you think he got this kind of idea, to start a "revolution" that involves killing "immigrants"? I'd wager it's from right-wing eliminationist rhetoric, the kind spewed nightly by people like Lou Dobbs.

Or maybe it was this?

Of course, since this guy isn't saying one damn thing to anyone, it's unclear whether these hate-spreaders are responsible, but given recent events and the escalating threats and paranoia of the far right, I'd wager good money that there's some kind of connection here.

This is why I encourage everyone to go read Dave Neiwert's "Eliminationism in America" series. We need to be able to identify this kind of hatred, and we need to be ready to stamp it out. We need to drop the pearl-clutching talk about the rights of those who encourage violence, and we need to start making these people responsible for what they start.