Alan Keyes: F**king Crazy Criminal

Alan Keyes, Obama Birth Certificate Obsessive, Arrested On Charges Of Trespassing | TPMDC
One-time presidential candidate, failed MSNBC talk show host, and U.S. Senate hopeful Alan Keyes was one of 22 people arrested this morning on charges of trespassing. The group--26 in total--had convened to protest President Barack Obama's upcoming commencement speech at Notre Dame University.
Sadly, there's no indication of whether or not the key to Keyes' cell will be "lost". Worse yet, I know this is going to fuel his paranoid insanity - he'll claim it's "oppression" and "censorship" and that Obama had him personally arrested or something.

Hopefully, they'll give him a psychological once-over before he's allowed to be free, and realize he's crazy as a shithouse rat and has a serious case of Obama Derangement Syndrome.