Mike Pence: Fumbling Anti-Science Moron

From Pharyngula: Republicans can't even admit their anti-evolution leanings
Chris Matthews ask Representative Mike Pence a simple question — "Do you believe in evolution?" — and Pence spends 5 minutes squirming avoiding giving an answer. He changes the subject repeatedly, to global warming and stem cells, and tries to pretend that the Republican party doesn't have a serious problem with an anti-science agenda, which he himself is demonstrating.

I remind all present - again - that I have never voted for this idiot, and wouldn't if I had the chance. I take no responsibility for his coninued infection of Washington with his particular brand of sheer, mind-boggling stupidity, his support of racist bigot radio hate-spewers, his war-mongering, his lack of tact and inability to show respect to those whose lives he indirectly helped end, his collaboration with the scum of the earth, his need for discrimination, &c.

That said, I once again register my insistence that I would never vote for him, solely because he is a dishonest, mendacious, lying, spineless, science-denying weasel.