Mike Pence: "Limbaugh Isn't Racist, No Matter How Many Times He's Shown Himself to Be One"

From Think Progress: Pence: ‘I Don’t Believe Rush Limbaugh Has A Racist Bone In His Body’
PENCE: I don’t believe Rush Limbaugh has a racist bone in his body. If you’re suggesting that his statement had a racist element in it, I commend you to a greater understanding of the positions he’s taken.
Really now, Rep. Pence? So you don't believe there's a racist bone in the body of the man who: That man, Rep. Pence, is not a racist in your eyes? If he isn't, Rep. Pence, then who in the Hell is? Are you that ignorant on matters of race, or are you just blinded to it because he's currently the most vocal conservative voice in the country?

I'm going to say what I say every time a story like this comes up: I did not vote for this man. I would never. That this man is so ignorant of even basic, easily-found facts, especially in this age of the ever-present Internet is frightening; that he is an elected official is galling; that he is essentially guaranteed a continual job because of the people in this area who would vote for him is a tragedy.